BLÅLIDEN Glass-door cabinet – black 35x32x151 cm

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BLÅLIDEN Glass-door cabinet – black 35x32x151 cm. With a glass-door cabinet you can show off as well as protect your glassware or your favourite collection. 3 movable shelves make it easy to adapt the space to your storage needs. The glass shelves allow light to spread throughout the entire cabinet.

7 reviews for BLÅLIDEN Glass-door cabinet – black 35x32x151 cm

  1. Verified Reviewer

    Bought one of these as they no longer stock the Detolf. It feels like a real step down, considerably smaller and feels very cheap. Id honestly wait and hope that they would just make the detolfs again before buying a second one.

  2. Verified Reviewer

    I built this on my own. Easy enough to do, not sure what everyone is moaning about. It is pretty simple. I only gave it 4 stars because it could do with more shelfs and they don’t sell extra shelfs. So feel I need to buy another one just for the extra shelfs, as it works out cheap than sourcing the glass shelf separately. It is a bit flimsy but for how much it costs it’s not bad. It looks great. I was a bit disappointed that the strip lights I bought from IKEA would not fit through the whole that was in the cabinet.

  3. Verified Reviewer

    “Blaliden” display shelf replaced the popular “Detolf” display shelf,but it’s a far inferior product at higher price.
    here are all the negatives vs old model :
    -it’s wobbly and feels lower quality.
    -the frames looks disproportionate for this shelf,they block the view of the shelf content from different angles and just doesn’t look as nice
    -it’s shorter,less space inside
    -the glass shelves now hold even less weight
    it’s really disappointing and strange to see Ikea decided to discontinue the super popular and unique Detolf display and replaced it with something inferior and badly designed.

  4. Verified Reviewer


  5. Verified Reviewer

    We bought a couple of cabinets for our shop display, they were so good when they came, that we have bought a total of 13 and plan to buy another 12.
    If there is one drawback, the cabinets come with 3 glass shelves but can accommodate a total of 7 shelves, additional spare shelves are not offered as an add-on or optional item.

  6. Verified Reviewer

    Bought this for my sons bedroom to display some of his Lego – construction was fairly straight forward with clear instructions – but as with other reviews, this item is very flimsy and the door would not close properly – Ikea provided a full refund but overall a very disappointing experience.

  7. Verified Reviewer

    Bought two of these to display model figures. They were easy to assemble if you follow the instructions. Yes – the shelf brackets can be a bit fiddly but once you get the hang of them they are easy to fit. As to the moaning about the door magnets – these are held in place by small self tapping screws so the hole in the door is smaller than the screw and takes a little pressure and the right size of screw driver.
    Perhaps Ikea could give an assembly rating to items where something a little more complicated than just turning a bolt or nut gets a higher / more difficult rating so that people have an idea before they purchase?
    As a competent DIy’er I found these easy to assemble and would expect most others to be the same.
    I do wish you could buy more shelves – there are enough screw holes for brackets built into the unit.

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