BESTÅ Storage combination w glass doors – white/Lappviken white clear glass 60x42x193 cm

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BESTÅ Storage combination w glass doors – white/Lappviken white clear glass 60x42x193 cm. The drawers have integrated push-openers so that you can open them with just a light push. Glass doors keep your items free from dust but still visible.

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7 reviews for BESTÅ Storage combination w glass doors – white/Lappviken white clear glass 60x42x193 cm

  1. Verified Reviewer

    Just avoid frustration and disappointment and do not buy. Complete waste of time and money! It took nearly all day to assemble this cabinet and it still doesn’t look right. It doesn’t stand square and the doors and draws don’t line up properly. Every time you adjust one thing everything else goes out of place! Doesn’t matter how many times you adjust it all, it makes no difference. There’s definitely a massive design flaw with this cabinet. Really wish I had checked reviews before purchasing but usually ikea furniture is pretty good. Can’t return it ourselves as we had to get it delivered. I really think they ought to take this product off sale until they figure out how to make the design better. Beautiful looking cabinet on the website, complete mess in real life !

  2. Verified Reviewer

    Nice cabinet to look at but it is not sturdy at all when built, we managed to make it more sturdy by screwing it into an existing Besta TV Unit that we have but even then the top still sways/flexes.
    It needs some sort of brace to keep the top sturdy, this is something we will look into making and fitting.
    Doors don’t line up properly because the top of the cabinet flexes and the drawers are a bit of a pain to align.
    Ikea need to redesign this and add in bracing.

  3. Verified Reviewer

    Item is quiet hard to build and I think one booklet would be easier than multiple, but once build is sturdy and looks really good with press lights installed to light up the cabinet.

  4. Verified Reviewer

    Despite the reviews I purchased this product and there were some issues.
    The instructions were too universal for all the different configurations of this unit. So it made building a bit of a challenge not as intuitive as most ikea products. Needed a specific set just for this configuration.
    With regards to it being flimsy it wasn’t as long as the unit was secured to the wall. Definitely not a free standing unit.
    Once completed the unit looks good, doors and drawers were fine didn’t have an issue with them lining up. (Would have done if not attached to the wall)
    Overall happy with purchase shame about the instructions.

  5. Verified Reviewer

    Like a lot of people have said it’s not the easiest to put together the instructions are to universal for other combinations of products.
    With regards to it be flimsy it 100% has to be attached to the wall. I tried it without doing this and it was very unstable. It should definitely say it needs to be attached the wall and is not a free standing product.
    Other than that it looks good and the doors and drawers are very good.

  6. Verified Reviewer

    Nightmare! Needed two of these units. Two were returned due to engineering faults. Drill residue left in channel preventing back panel sliding into place. Next carcass returned due to damage inside packaging. 4 journeys in 2 days. 160 miles instead of 40! Then the doors and drawers were difficult to align as the carcass is not stable. Thankfully my husband was able to work around these issues. Gone are the days when expensive items at Ikea meant good quality product. These are poorly engineered items made with poor quality materials. The panells don’t even align properly as they used to. So dissapointed with our £600 purchase.

  7. Verified Reviewer

    As per other reviews, very flimsy frame, flexes a lot, drawers & doors do not close flush even after adjusting as best as possible, they rub against each other or the doors so cannot fully close without force.

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